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Dash is Digital Cash

Dash is the hottest digital currency that has taken the world by a storm, send or receive any amount of money instantly and for a 1/100th free of alternatives like bitcoin . Dash is considered as 'Digital Cash' providing a far higher level of anonymity, speed and faster confirmations. Simply put Dash is the next generation of bitcoin. Dash is ideal for Remittances and providers much better earnings for recievers

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Transactions only cost less than a cent to send and you get much better price for dollar compared to Western Union or Moneygram


Keep your payments private so nobody can track you, your transactions and balances are nobody’s business.


Advanced encryption and a trustless protocol for complete security in your payments and anonymization process.

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Dash is the hottest digital currency that has taken the world by a storm, send or receive any amount of money instantly and for almost free ( 0.1 cents or 1/1000th of a fee of bitcoin ).
Dash incorporates many powerful features compared to bitcoin
Instant send - Transactions that confirm instantly instead of few hours in case of bitcoin
Private Send - Unbeatable privacy for your transactions ( bitcoin's transactions and users can be tracked by chain analysis )
Risk free Earnings - Dash is the only major digital currency that offers a 7-8% risk free interest rate. ( check master node shares )
Decentralised Treasury - Arguably the most powerful or all, 10% of all newly minted Dash are used for development and marketing proposals ,these proposals are voted by investors like you by giving investors a say in the direction of Dash's growth and keeps the dash community intact unlike bitcoin. Treasury also provides dash for marketing which powers websites like ours and many more.

Dash achieves these features by employing a second tier network called Masternode owners who are paid the interest for holding Dash and providing these additional services instead of just paying to miners .
So far Dash has been the best performing cryptocurrency in 2017 raising more than 5000% from the price of $0.50 to $500 and it looks like it won't be stopping any time soon , see for yourself - dash performance for 2017 ( note: past performance is not an indicator of the future )
Owning a Dash masternodes means locking up 1000 dash which costs $700,000 at current market rates , which is un afforadable for most people. Keeping this in mind many dash fans have come up with dash masternode share which promise the same return for a fraction of the 1000 dash , check dash masternode Shares .


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